Fantasy sports! Given its popularity, you may have heard about it or might have seen an advertisement on television or while surfing on the web. Millions of people play it and win many exciting prizes every day. Though very popular, there is always someone in our circle of friends who has no clue what it is or how it works.

But what are Fantasy Sports exactly?

If you feel that it is an extension of real sporting events, then you are correct. More specifically, it goes somewhere along the lines of selecting players, forming a team, participating in games, and then judging those players based on their match day performance. It started as a simple game that friends played among themselves to pass the time and now it has become so popular that you will find the Fantasy Sports Applications in most people’s smartphones.

There are millions of fantasy sports application on play store and app store that people install on their smartphone every day. Fantasy sports are taking the world by storm because it’s fun and exciting. Everyone loves competing against fellow fantasy sports enthusiasts.

Every Fantasy sports players pay a nominal fee for each game that they enter. They then need to select players from a list based on their expectations of how well they will perform that week, this requires a lot of research. If their fantasy team outperforms others then the player wins money, the prize being relative to that of the win. While it might sound straightforward enough, newcomers to the world of fantasy sports often find little complicated.

Why people are so fascinated with it?

Fantasy sports websites are like invitations for fans to take part in a game. The big prize and a chance to win a lot of money make this platform even more exciting. If you were given an opportunity for an interactive football experience with only a few limitations like; fixed budget or 3 players minimum from a single team and rules, a chance to win cash and play your favorite sport as if you were playing in the game itself. You would take it, right?

To succeed in a fantasy sports game, the player must focus on research that helps them achieve their goal. Becoming a better player means doing more of that automatically. As a participant in fantasy sports, you will have to study statistics and any other factors that might influence a player’s performance. It’s a lot more than just reading articles and watching the games. How do you know if a player will perform well in the upcoming week? You don’t, but you need to predict his performance based on his past performances as well as other factors like the weather, team morale, how the manager or coach lines up on the field, etc. A serious fantasy sports player — and it’s hard to play this game if you’re not serious — has to know the players and conditions very well.
You need to do your research, you need to be aware and you should be committed. The name might be “fantasy sports” but when you win, everything is a reality. From enjoying the game you love the most to making money out of it. What more can you ask for?

Most people play it just for fun and not for any prize money or recognition, the reason why they don’t engage themselves much because they play for fun. Have you seen those commercials about fantasy sports? They are not so bad, this is just a way for them to advertise what they can offer us. Last year was a huge hit in terms of users engaging with fantasy sports and this only going to get more popular from here.

Reasons to love Fantasy Sports

  • Thrill and Competitiveness – Fantasy Sports provides its user tons of excitement and engagement. The game is played around worldwide and you can imagine the competition and excitement it brings with it.
  • Mega Prizes – People win amazing prizes every year playing fantasy sports and sometimes it’s just a fluke that wins them the lottery. You can give it a try as well(You never know)
  • The Fun of Naming Your Team – One of the most unique ways to add a flair of creativity is in the naming of your Fantasy Sports team. While some owners and managers choose to use some meaningless moniker, others take their time to generate a play-on-words name based on one or more of their players.
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